Testing with React-Redux Hooks

With the rise of React Hooks, many developers have added hooks into their open source libraries. If you are using react-redux libraries, they also provided hooks such as useSelector and useDispatch as well. Although hooks allow us to use redux with ease in React, however, there is not much documentation about unit testing with hooks.Continue reading “Testing with React-Redux Hooks”

React Native Searchable FlatList with React Hooks

If you have been using a mobile app or building one, you must be very familiar with the content of a very long list such as merchandise products, contacts, friends, countries, etc. It is very inconvenient for the user to find the required record by scrolling the whole list. Most of the mobile apps willContinue reading “React Native Searchable FlatList with React Hooks”

Supercharge React Native Android app with Hermes

Facebook officially released the Hermes engine as an opt-in feature on Android. By enabling Hermes, Facebook claims that it will improve startup time, decrease memory usage and reduce app size. Let’s find out! Prerequisite To enable Hermes, your app needs to be at least using React Native 0.60.4 and above. If you are using theContinue reading “Supercharge React Native Android app with Hermes”

React Native Continuous Delivery with Github Actions and Fastlane

Github Actions is the workflow automation tool with CI/CD that allows you to do some tasks, such as running test suite, deploying code and etc based on the Github Events and Types. When an event is triggered, your defined workflow will be run and help you to do some awesome jobs. Today, I’m going toContinue reading “React Native Continuous Delivery with Github Actions and Fastlane”

Testing React Native With Jest, react-test-renderer And react-native-testing-library

React Native is a great framework for you to write once and build mobile app with Javascript and React to both Android and iOS platform. Everything is pretty easy until your superior telling you, “We need to start practice TDD approach because there are too many bugs surfaced in production to capture the error early”. SoundsContinue reading “Testing React Native With Jest, react-test-renderer And react-native-testing-library”

Shareable ESLint Config For React Native

A wise programmer once said, “You don’t write code for yourself, you write for others or your future-self”. Imagine that you are working on a project which everyone is writing in their own style and standard. Everyday, you need to spend some times to get familiar with the code before you can start coding. It’sContinue reading “Shareable ESLint Config For React Native”

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